Locals Supporting Locals

The following is information from the LSL website: We have recently updated our website to help you promote YOUR Business to the Local Community as well as provide you with Tools to help you manage your Offers & Events to other LSL Members. We have already started seeing Customer Reviews for Businesses on the LSL.. Read More…


Toothbrushing Song

Brought to you by EZTales.com – Teach Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth. A fun and cute rockabilly tune by Chomper and the Bicuspids about brushing teeth, sparkly smiles and fun times!

How does Teeth Whitening work?

Working from the inside out, the active ingredients in Opalescence gels penetrate your teeth to break down the discolored molecules deep down in your teeth, removing stains and whitening your smile. Opalescence gels contain potassium nitrate and fluoride which have been shown to strengthen enamel, decrease sensitivity, and help prevent cavities.
 A comprehensive examination, radiographs.. Read More…

Radiation Facts

Are you worried about having dental x-rays taken? Here are some facts about radiation exposure that might surprise you! (A unit called a microsievert (mSv) is used to measure radiation absorption) – The average single digital dental x-ray delivers about 3mSv. – The average background radiation (radiation received through everyday living from the sun (UV.. Read More…