Need a higher level of Sedation?

For those patients who feel the need for a higher level of sedation that provided by local anaesthetic, River Dental can help with the use of “Happy Gas” i.e. Nitrous oxide.
Nitrous Oxide produces a sense of Euphoria similar to the effect of several alcoholic drinks. The  effect wears off in about 10 minutes of ceasing to breathe the gas and the good news is there’s no hangover.

Nitrous oxide is a very safe drug with no known short term side effects. It certainly helps a great  deal with anxiety, relaxation and minor pain control. So while injections are still used, they are virtually painless.

Another option available is General Anaesthetic. These are performed at Gympie Private as a day visit. Many people with major work find this a very good alternative as in most cases all work required can be done in one visit. And of course you will be asleep throughout the entire procedure!