Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a very important part of our practice and in the prevention of dental problems.

At River Dental we have a highly trained university educated Oral Health Therapist who works directly under the supervision of the dentists. As a team, they aim to deliver a much higher level of preventative dental care to help you maintain optimal dental health.



Gingivitis is an inflammation or redness affecting the gums surrounding the teeth caused by bacteria accumulating on teeth, around under the gum line. It is in fact the early stages of gum disease. A gingival pocket is a space between the gum and the root of the tooth. In a healthy tooth the gingival pocket.. Read More...

Our Oral Health Therapist

rita liam

At each hygiene visit, our Oral Health Therapist carries out a periodontal (gum) examination. She will also thoroughly scale and polish your teeth to remove any plaque and calculus (scale or tartar) which has accumulated above and below the gumline. She is also adept at providing:- personalised oral hygiene instructions so you know the best.. Read More...



Periodontitis is an infection affecting the gum and bone around a tooth. Gingivitis, if left untreated can progress to periodontitis. Signs of periodontitis are bone loss around teeth, increased gingival pocket depth greater than four millimetres, gum recession, bleeding gums, loose or mobile teeth, teeth which maybe tender when chewing as well as bad breath... Read More...