Crooked or Crowded Teeth

There are several options available to people who want to straighten their crowded or crooked teeth.

The most commonly known method is orthodontics which can be used to reposition or straighten crowded or crooked teeth, or to close gaps between them. This is usually done using braces (a fixed appliance) or sometimes using removable appliances such as a removable “plate” or another process called “Invisalign”. To achieve the best outcome possible these processes are best done by a specialist in this filed called an Orthodontist.

Our Dentists liaise closely with the Orthodontst so patients receive the highest level of care.

At times, porcelain veneers or bonded resin veneers can be used to alter the crowded appearance of teeth without the use of any orthodontic appliance. With these two procedures, thin layers of tooth-coloured-porcelain or resin are bonded directly to the teeth for maximum aesthetic results and minimum tooth reduction. This can then result in an instant straightened or aligned dental appearance without the use of braces.

Our dentists will review the whole range of treatment options available with each patient including details of the scope and length of the treatment, costs and answers to any questions.