A crown is a strong, long-lasting sleeve that covers a decayed, broken or brittle tooth.

A dental crown is an artificial material used to replace large parts of a tooth or a whole tooth that has been fractured or decayed. Crowns fit over and cover the outside of teeth starting at the gum line. We have several types of crowns available depending upon a patient’s individual needs, including gold, porcelain, porcelain fused to gold or CEREC. Crowns can look as natural as real teeth while at the same time restoring function. Crowns are carefully constructed to match the opposing and adjacent teeth aesthetically and also to ensure the correct bite.

The procedure of crown preparation of a tooth usually takes place under local anaesthetic. As the crown is usually 1-2 millimetres thick, the dentist first shaves this same amount from your existing tooth and also re-shapes your tooth into a form upon which a crown can easily sit. The dentist will then make a replica of your tooth using an impression material which is sent to a laboratory where the crown will be made based on this mold. In the case of a porcelain crown, the dentist will also choose a shade close to the colour of the surrounding teeth. You will return two weeks later to have the crown fitted and once both you and your dentist are satisfied with the “look and feel” of the crown, it will be cemented over your original tooth.

Crowns offer a very good, long term solution when used in the appropriate clinical situation and where prepared and constructed correctly.