Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that lightens teeth giving you a brighter fresher smile!

If you feel that your teeth are yellow, dark or dull, don’t despair. A simple to use effective remedy is available with one of our home whitening kits. Your dentist will determine whether your teeth are suitable for whitening before making a thin bleaching tray that fits comfortably over your teeth. This is worn with a small amount of tooth whitening gel for hourly sessions once or twice daily until the ideal colour is obtained. Normally one to two week

Whitening is perfectly safe for teeth and gums because the tooth structure is not changed, just the colour. Some sensitivity or discomfort may be experienced temporarily however a considerable improvement is achieved in over 90 percent of patients.

One of the major benefits of “at home whitening” is you can re-brighten your smile (if needed) by re-using your whitening trays every nine to twelve months thus substantially reducing any future whitening costs.